After Sales Services

hyundai servisAs Özok Hyundai Automotive, in our modern facility in Haspolat; We are working for you with modern devices and equipment in accordance with the standards integrated all over the world, with a 600m² closed area spare parts store, 620m² mechanical service, 650m² body shop and car wash services. We are proud of being an authorized service and we serve our customers with all kinds of repair and spare parts guarantee. Apart from mechanical service, we provide damage repair service for every brand of vehicle with our professional bodywork team.

We also have an authorized insurance agency affiliated to our company. Our customers can renew or purchase traffic insurance and vehicle insurance with the help of our consultants in our facility.

In addition to these, we are always with our customers with assistant vehicle support, towing and 24/7 emergency assistance. Özok Automotive after-sales services is a customer-oriented service that adopts the philosophy of total quality and can respond to all kinds of needs.

We provide all kinds of original Hyundai spare parts and offer them to our customers.

You can get a 2-year warranty from every repair and spare part made only from an authorized service.

We are working for you 24/7 by providing towing and assistance services.

Özok Automotive has adopted the Total Quality Philosophy as after-sales and is a customer-oriented service that can provide full service to all automotive brands.