Came to change the balances in its segment

Carrying the genes of Hyundai's award-winning SUV family, BAYON completely changes the balance in its segment by offering a long list of features with its stylish style, large interior volume and smart technologies.


In the city or out of the city, it is ready for all journeys.

With its innovative powertrains that can be equipped with the 48V Mild Hybrid System, high seating position and superior ease of use, BAYON offers all the needs at once for urban and extra-urban journeys.

It's always one step ahead when it comes to security.

With BAYON, which offers a comprehensive security package thanks to Hyundai SmartSense, which includes Advanced Driving Assistant Systems, you will embark on every journey with the peace of mind of a high level of safety.

It is ready for any adventure with its spacious interior design and large volume

Wherever life's adventures take you, you are ready for all journeys with BAYON's high seating position, spacious interior and large luggage volume that offers the feeling of a safe and solid SUV.

One of the Best-In-Class Digital Cockpits

State-of-the-art features such as a 10.25" digital instrument cluster and a 10.25" central touchscreen with split screen make BAYON's digital cockpit one of the best in its class.



Next Level in Security

Standing out in its segment in terms of security, BAYON comes with a comprehensive list of Hyundai SmartSense security features, many of which are offered as standard equipment.



Easy to connect as well as admire

Thanks to the Apple CarPlay™ support offered by the central touch screen, you can easily mirror your phone functions on the big screen by connecting your smartphone.


5 years 100,000 km Hyundai Repair Assurance

Like all Hyundais, BAYON is built to the highest quality standards. We also offer it with 5 Years 100,000 Km Hyundai repair assurance so you can enjoy your journeys without worrying about your car.


Eye-catching design features.

With its distinctive lines and eye-catching proportions, BAYON manages to meet all aesthetic demands. Standing out with its stylish and stylish design, the model combines Hyundai's award-winning SUV heritage with a visually striking interpretation.


The arrow-shaped headlights and wide grille are in perfect harmony with the stylish air intake band on the top and the slim LED daytime running lights, giving the front of the vehicle a unique look.





The dynamic shoulder line of the side section draws attention to the sharp visual features of the BAYON, its powerful C-pillar and its wedge-shaped sporty design.



The arrow-shaped LED taillight assembly is linked by a red accent line. These headlights, which are placed at the extreme points on the sides, reinforce the wide appearance of BAYON.



gks Powerful Compact SUV Design
BAYON, which has a confident and assertive stance thanks to the basic design elements of the Hyundai SUV family, reveals its difference with the three-piece headlight group that is fully LED and the signal lamps separated from the daytime running lights in the upper section.
ovi Authentic and assertive Wide Grill
The wide grille with right-angled and flowing design elements expands in the lower section, displaying a strong stance together with the sporty lower bumper and striking silver sump guard.
crs Dual Color Stylish Alloy Wheels
BAYON is offered with a choice of 16” or 17” stylish alloy wheels.

It sets the standards with the expectations it meets.

BAYON sets new standards in its segment with its state-of-the-art impressive features. With the latest connectivity features, advanced safety package and Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, as well as a 48V mild hybrid powertrain and much more, BAYON is ready to meet all your expectations.


Just the way you want it, with its connectivity features.

Enjoy cutting-edge smart connectivity with two large 10.25” visually combined displays with split-screen capability. This technology, which has functions that will make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable, brings uninterrupted connection possibilities directly to the new BAYON.


10.25” central touchscreen.

Thanks to the Apple CarPlay™ support offered by the central touchscreen, you can connect your smartphone to reflect your phone functions on the big screen.




8” touch screen.

The 8” touch screen audio system allows you to easily connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay™ and mirror it on the screen thanks to its wireless smartphone mirroring feature.


10.25” digital instrument panel.

The 10.25” digital instrument cluster, which reinforces the technological atmosphere of the cockpit, allows you to see all important information about your car at a glance with a perfect and clear view.



Spacious and comfortable with its large carrying area.

Offering ample storage space, BAYON brings everything you need for all your trips in and out of the city, with its compact exterior size and family-friendly interior volume. Offering ease of use and boarding with its compact size and excellent visibility, BAYON provides the safe and durable SUV feeling you expect from Hyundai SUV models thanks to its high seating position.


High sitting position.

You will love the feeling of freedom created by the BAYON's high sitting position and the excellent viewing angle that provides more self-confidence and control.




Large trunk volume.

Thanks to its luggage volume of up to 411 liters and its smart tailgate, BAYON succeeds in standing out in its segment with its large carrying capacity.


High carrying capacity.

When you need space for large items, you can conveniently store the Pandizot behind the rear row of seats to make the most of BAYON's luggage capacity.




Excellent legroom.

Enjoy excellent legroom for a more comfortable ride. With a knee distance of 1,072 mm for the front passengers and 882 mm for the rear passengers, BAYON is comfortable for all passengers.


Ceiling height providing comfort.

The ceiling height of 993 mm for the driver and front passenger and 977 mm for the rear passengers contributes to the overall feeling of spaciousness of the vehicle.



10.25" Smart Digital Display Panel



The 10.25” smart digital instrument cluster, which gives the cockpit a much more technological look, shows basic driving information in the front and middle sections, where you can see it best. Moreover, you can change this screen according to your preference, digitally displaying your speed, energy flow (48V only) or SmartSense features.


Fine customizable interior details.

The calm colors and coatings used in BAYON's interior design with fine details create a peaceful atmosphere that helps you relax and focus on driving. Carefully selected neutral interior colors and material options ensure maximum harmony with the body color range. In addition to the standard Full Black fabric interior, BAYON offers two more color options.


Black Monotone

A timeless, simple, elegant and stylish classic. The perfect choice for those who prefer a simple interior design.


Black/Beige Duotone

The Black/Beige duotone trim features light gray fabric highlights and a special seat pattern with white contrast stitching.



LED ambient lighting.

Night cruises always provide a special driving experience. Sophisticated and finely tuned blue LED ambient lighting will add an enjoyable lighting experience to your journeys.


Designed for the most comfortable journeys.

Sportiness and comfort come together in BAYON, with high-quality fabric seats that provide maximum comfort on every journey.



BOSE premium sound system.

BOSE premium sound system with eight high-performance speakers, including a subwoofer; It offers a clear, impressive and powerful music experience.





Wireless charging.

Thanks to the wireless charging system placed on the center console, you can easily and quickly charge your Qi-enabled smartphone without using a cable.


Multiple USB ports.

With two front and one rear USB ports, connecting and charging your portable USB devices is very easy at BAYON.



  • Performance

    Engine Type
    Engine Volume (cc)
    Max Speed (km/sa)
    Max Power (PS)
    Max Tork (N.m)
    Acceleration (0-100 km/s)
    Fuel Consumption
    Fuel Type
    Fuel consumption in the city* (l/100km)
    Extra-urban fuel consumption* (l/100km)
    Combined fuel consumption* (l/100km)
    CO2 emission (g/km)
    Fuel Tank Capacity (l)
  • Dimensions

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Luggage Volume (l)
    Weight - Lowest (kg)
  • Wheels

    Front wheels
    Rear wheels
    Front tires
    195 55 R16
    Rear tires
    195 55 R16

Advanced security package with Hyundai SmartSense.

Carrying the same genes as the other members of the Hyundai SUV family in terms of safety and durability, BAYON is equipped with advanced safety features just like them. Comprehensive Hyundai SmartSense safety features that make BAYON stand out in its segment include state-of-the-art Advanced Driving Assistant Systems.


HYUNDAI DrivingSafety Lane Follow Assist

Lane Keeping Assistant (LFA).

When BAYON's Lane Keeping Assist (LFA) feature is activated, it keeps the vehicle centered on its lane when driving from 0 to 180 km/h on highways and in the city.


Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

This system uses the front camera to follow the road lanes. It warns the driver of an unintentional departure from the lane and applies counter-torque force to steer the vehicle back into the correct lane.



Front Collision Avoidance Assistant (FCA).

Detecting the road ahead with the help of a radar and camera, the FCA system automatically brakes when the vehicle in front brakes suddenly or if there are pedestrians or bicycles on the road. Now updated with the Junction Turn Feature, it has been specifically calibrated to help avoid frontal collisions when turning left at intersections.

Price / Specifications


Type: Mpi

Volume (cc): 1368

Max Speed (km/sa): 176

Max Power (PS): 100

Max Torch (N.m): 134

Acceleration (0-100 km/s): 12.6

Cylinder: 4

Valve: 16


Type: DCT

Fuel Consumption

Type: Gasoline

Fuel consumption in the city(l/100km): 8.5

Extra-urban fuel consumption (l/100km): 6.5

Combined fuel consumption (l/100km): 6.4

CO2 emission (g/km): 145

Fuel tank capacity(l): 40


Length(mm): 4180

Width(mm): 1775 (yan aynalar hariç)

Height (mm): 1500

Wheelbase(mm): 2580


Luggage Volume (l): 411

Weight - Lowest (kg): 1132


Front wheels: 16"

Rearwheels: 16"

Front tires: 195/55R16

Rear tires: 195/55R16